Former Student, Brandon S.~ When you are in the middle of high school, your first school dance, homework, social circles, and… puberty…. High school can be stressful and confusing, at best. During this time, I rebelled against my parents, teachers, and anyone else who told me what to do or how to act. In retrospect, I was just trying to express myself, I was just an immature brat who needed to grow up. However, those hormones do all kinds of damage when your 15/16 years old. But something shifted when I was in Mrs. Cook’s class… Over the year, I began to find myself, love myself, and control my outbursts and hormonal frustration. Mrs. Cook helped me find topics that I was interested in and because I was genuinely interested in the subjects, I would dive deep into it and learn something that my mind, brain, soul, and spirit couldn’t get enough of! During my time growing and learning from Mrs. Cook, I was literally in an incubated place (mentally) where I could just exist and be expressed through my writing, and thus transform. Many years later… I realize that when we write from the heart, we invoke the ability to transform – which led to my first experience connecting with my heart, through Mrs. Cook’s passion for her students and her unconditional love.


Savanna S., former student~
Looking back on my school years I can say that not a lot of teachers had faith in their students or would help them in any way possible. The first time I stepped in Mrs.Cook’s classroom the vibe was different, she was different. She put all of her self into working with students, formed her training to fit everyone’s individual needs. Very caring and passionate, Mrs.Cook left a lasting impression on me through my teenage years, and even now through my adult years. Mrs.Cook used all resources to help students academically and emotionally. I am now a college graduate of a four year degree, and also working towards my masters. Through all of my schooling, Mrs.Cook is one of a few teachers that has influenced me.

Sandy E., “1305” Parent~The 1305 Practice (Eden and Chuck Cook) is not just a program that helps with academics. This is a program that encompasses the whole child (well, actually, the whole family). Eden and Chuck take the student (and the student’s family) and put them under their wings. Eden works extensively with each child to create an Individualized Strategic Modification Plan that covers the needs of the student. Eden doesn’t let you go solo after that. She is right there with you along the way. Face-to-face meetings, e-mails, texts, phone calls, advocacy, and tutoring (THANK YOU, Chuck!). Students AND parents are not alone in the journey to a more sane existence. Eden and Chuck are the most patient/calm people I have ever met and they truly understand the chaos and anxiety that children and parents are going through with ineffective routines/study habits/etc. Eden has attended 504/IEP meetings with me and her professionalism always counteracted my emotionalism! The 1305 Practice will truly “replace chaos and anxiety with calm”. I recommend it with all my heart. 

Former Student: Connor W.~As I reflect on my brief time spent in high school, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was a very troubled person. I was depressed, belligerent, and frustrated. All of which resulted in unsatisfactory academic performance and an overall poor standing in school. When I first arrived Mrs. Cook’s Class, I, at first, did not understand why I was there and I felt that I was being purposely segregated from other students based on my own inability to function. However as I grew to know Mrs. Cook and participate in her class, I began to realize that my only inhibitions were those that I placed on myself. My behavior and performance improved, I made many friends, I graduated with a 3.9 GPA and I lost 100 lbs over the course of that year. I now realize that I was naive to believe that I was being punished for being different. In actuality being placed in the care of Mrs. Cook was one of the greatest favors anyone has ever done for me. I thought that I was beyond help and I had fallen into despair, however Mrs. Cook showed me that I can be exactly as I want to be and I’m only as inhibited as I allow myself to be. Today I am a U.S. Marine stationed in Hawaii and I do not believe that I could have accomplished what I have without Mrs. Cook. She taught me to never give up and with focus, anything is possible. Connor W.-U.S. Marine, former student of Mrs. Cook

Former Student: Trevlyn D.~
When reflecting back on my high school years, I think about how volatile I was. I wanted guidance, support and someone to be confident in my abilities when I was not. Mrs. Cook undoubtedly fulfilled all of these needs, allowing me to grow comfortable and build confidence in my work. This carried over to other aspects of my life and has impacted me greatly. She did this by having an open door policy, by always offering advice, by not shaming you when you were wrong but by giving you tools and encouragement to do better in the future.
I chose to stay in touch with Mrs. Cook over the last 6 years because she made a positive impact on me at an age when I needed it the most. Over the years, I have seen that she has continued to do so. Now, doing even more to bring out the best in our youth. Her love and compassion is unlike any others.
Today, I am in Dental Hygiene school and am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I will be graduating with honors in May 2015. Each and every day I apply the knowledge and confidence she instilled in me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her patience, support and guidance many years ago at SHS.

Former Student: Chelsea ~Mrs.Cook is the most passionate, loving, and patient woman in this world! As a former student of hers, I can attest that she loves to help children find their true self. She is never quick to judge, is filled with radiant positive energy, and helps people of all ages feel grounded and want to learn. She has helped me find my own confidence and self-worth. I love her focus on mindfulness and universal oneness! I am now 23 and a successful business owner! Thank you Mrs. Cook!


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