I had Mrs. Cook in High School as an Intensive Reading teacher. I remember  special things that she did. The first, I remember telling her that we are clearly dumb if we got put into an intensive reading class. She very quickly proved me wrong. She explained the stresses of test taking and introduced us to accomadstions. The second, she explained the possibilities of college no matter who you or where you came from. She has an awesome story of getting herself to college. I remembered that story when I applied for my first student loan to try and achieve my Master’s in Education at Florida State University. I work a lot of hours to put myself through school. I didn’t have that mind set until I met her. I  enjoyed her teaching so much that  I did my practicum hours for my prerequisite Teaching courses. Now, I am 2 years away from graduating with a Bachelor’s and Masters in Exceptional Education. Kyle H- former SHS student

Kyle was one of those students you NEVER forget! My first memory  of him was asking me if I knew “Fireman Jim.” I figured a joke was coming when I answered, “No.” He proudly announced, “He’s my Dad.” Kyle and his classmates were some of the most memorable! That 1st year in Room 1305 welcomed a Fun-loving, spirited, dramatic, and, at times, naughty group of kids. I can’t help but smile when I think of them.  I can’t wait to visit Kyle’s Class.  A few years ago, he did Practicum Hours in my classroom. In a serious moment, he laughed as he told me that “I must have been shocked when I heard, HE wanted to be a Teacher.” I told him then, and I repeat now…I’m not shocked..He will understand how HIS students feel. He will know what to say when they Announce to the entire class on the first day ” We must be dumb if we are in THIS Class.”Here’s to you, “Mr. Habovick!” I wish you a career full of characters and moments that remind you why you became a teacher. You will learn far more from your students than you will ever teach them. My Best, Mrs. Cook