B-R-A-V-E! You ever have that moment where you wake up in cold sweats, breathing heavy with your heart pounding out of your chest? Moments later-Thankfully, you realize, it was only a nightmare-all is well and you return to sleep?

With my heart pounding, my year left me jumping off the highest cliff without a safety net. Luckily, I can swim. AND, I did. However it was a year reminding me of my favorite lines from a beloved Dr. Suess book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” I read it on  last day of school to each class for a decade.Lines such as “You’ll see some things that scare you right out of your pants”… “Kid, you’ll Succeed…98 3/4 percent guaranteed” … “Except when you don’t-cause sometimes you won’t”

I welcomed my 43rd year of life, walked away from my 10 year teaching career while learning how to survive HEARTBREAK like no other, Drove my children to school with rocking morning “Sing-Alongs”, Opened a Studio for Children’s Yoga & Academic Success (Eden’s Little Yogis and the 1305 Practice for Academic Coaching/Tutoring under ONE NAME: “Eden and Einstein Academy,” ), tutored Struggling Readers, Public Speaking &  Virtual School Students, taught tons of children’s yoga classes, moved classes to my studio, learned about true friends & found MY TRIBE, learned the power of Meditation, began my “Life Coaching” Certification (specializing in Academic/Life Coaching for ALL Students and Adults with ADD) and through it ALL, Learned what “my Best” means.

So, as I continue to live MY BEST, it’s not the standards of others I conform to, but instead, comes from a place of creating life with more TIME available to “Suck the marrow out of” with my children and husband- doing things I love-a life of Service.

2016 has a whole lot up it’s sleeve-I look forward to watching its “Unravelling” transpire. I invite you to do the same.

May BLISS and Curiousity be yours in 2016.