The success over the past semester with sixteen students has been remarkable. This summer I continue to reflect on what each student was able to accomplish. Grades improved from 30% up to 134%- increasing grades from D/F’s  to  A/B/C’s, families found peace and students developed good habits and routines… The 1305 Practice Way.

August, 2005, Satellite High School, Classroom #1305~

Struggles. The word used most in every Parent Conference I’ve ever taken part in. “He struggles in school,” “She struggles to keep up,  “My child struggles with the teacher and/or content.” Year after year as I taught Negative and Positive Connotations, students would be asked “Does the word STRUGGLES have a Negative or Positive connotation?” “Negative” would be said with conviction.  I knew they understood.

The idea of “The 1305 Practice” was developed out of necessity, while teaching at SHS in Room 1305 when I was faced with a “Struggle” of my own. My 1st day teaching and in walked 25 students. They took a seat and from the looks on their faces, THEY were ready to make me “Struggle.” I assessed the situation. Twenty-Five Struggling Readers, a few had a bad day or were sick & failed FCAT, some had Learning Disabilities, IEP’s, 504’s, Social Anxiety, Attention Issues and Attitudes. The one commonality that threaded my new class…They didn’t want to be in “Intensive Reading Class.” The term, “Fake It ’til You Make It” became my Mantra. I welcomed them, attempted to make a joke or two and asked them what they hoped to learn. Their responses included, “Nothing,” “I shouldn’t be in this class” and a slew of other phrases. With a heavy heart, I announced how happy I was that they were there and that if they would trust me, I would take them on a journey. Suddenly, they erupted into laughter and made it clear, they didn’t know me, believe me or want to give me a chance.

I made it through that class period and the next five periods. At the end of the day, I was exhausted, filled with angst but one thing was certain, I wouldn’t give up. I made a decision. I would do whatever it took to ensure their success. As I made positive parent phone calls that evening delivering the same message to each family: I was happy to have their child in my class! At the other end of the phone, I was met with responses of laughter, disbelief and some tears.

The next day as students walked in, I could tell by the looks on their faces, they knew I was not “The Enemy.” Over the coming days and months, a wonderful relationship was formed with each student. I met them Where they were in their Education & Attitude and vowed to take them Where they needed to be!  I WOULDN’T GIVE UP-THEY WOULDN’T EITHER. That year, I developed “My Style, My Way” and what has become the 1305 Practice. I loved each of the students in 1305; THEY were MINE…My “Sweathogs” to love, support and encourage. They would WORK for me when they wouldn’t for others. I could “Mom Them” about their “Jerky Behavior” in other classes and encourage “Their Best.” Overtime, CHANGE came. That year, my 9th-12th grade Struggling Students with Attitudes, Horrible Habits and No Routines developed their own style through The 1305 Way. They: 1) Got Organized, 2) ‘Learned the Dance’ of each of their Teachers & the Value of Relationships, 3) Developed Study Habits, 4) Made Respecting Family a Priority,  5)Gained Confidence & Intrinsic Motivation, AND 6) Got rid of the Excuses and Learned to ‘Make Good Choices.’  Today, these students are Business Owners, College Graduates, Hairdressers, Chefs, Active Military Members, Mechanics, Childcare Teachers, Dental Hygienists and more. I am so proud of them! THEY discovered their Intrinsic Motivation and their way to a fulfilling life.

TODAY, The 1305 Practice is based on each of these Principles which has helped change lives for almost 10 years. In 10-weeks, I will meet you & your student where you are at, and take you where you need to be. Parents/Guardians will be shown how to Empower, NOT Enable your student through an effective System of Expectations-Consequences-Routines and Rewards. Teens will learn new habits and create routines for school and home life. I will create an Individual Strategic Modification Plan for your student which includes: Daily Routine, Expectations, Consequences and Reward System. It’s that “Little Instruction Manual ” we wished we had the day your child came into your life.  Throughout the weeks, a different Topic will be presented weekly beginning with Setting Goals and Ending with Making Good Choices. This program will make their life easier through the implementation of successful practices and Transform your Family by REPLACING CHAOS and ANXIETY with CALM. After the Complimentary Consultation, the 10-week Program Schedule includes:

Week 1:Up to 2 hours: Data Gathering to develop Individualized Strategic Modification Plan and Set Goals (Student and Parents/Guardians Attend- bring student backpack/class binders) $195 ISMP and Practice Wk. 1.

Week 2: 1 hr. 15 min. Review of the ISMP and Topic: “Getting Organized and Developing Good Habits/Student Accountability Schedule” (Student / Parent Attends)$55

Week 3: 55 min.Topic: “Relationships with Teachers Matter” (Student Practice) $55

Week 4: 55 min. Topic: “Respect My Family, Respect Myself” (Student Practice) $55

Week 5: 55 min/$55 Topic: ” Intrinsic Motivation” (Student Practice) $55

Week 6: 55 min. Practice “Making Good Choices in School and Life” (Student/Parent Attends to discuss Maintenance Program) $55

Maintenance Week 7-10: 55 min. Depending on Recommendations: Student is paired with a partner (Peer Support) for 4 appointments or Student stays in Private Appt. ($55)

Additional Services Offered~

Discounted Weekly Small Group Tutoring: $15/hr. 1305 Members OR $30/hr. Non-1305 Members

Private Tutoring: $50/Hr.

“1305 Life” Membership/$95 month (after the completion of the Program) Includes: Discounted Tutoring, Group Mtg offered but not mandatory, Weekly Student Accountability, Invitation to all 1305 Activities, On-going Parent and Student Support

IEP/504/RTI Meeting Consultation and Support ($75/hr.)

Virtual School Task Management

College Entrance Process Management Including: Student Resume’ Development, Application(s) and Essay Completion

Interested? Call Mrs. Eden Cook at 321-960-6162 or submit a request form. I look forward to helping your student become the Best Version of him/herself!

My Best, Eden Cook